For Jobseekers

Our Australian Jobsearch Effectiveness Index indicates that job seekers, on average, could be three times more effective with their job search campaigns. How would you rate? Would you like the comfort of knowing that you are being as effective as you can be in this modern digital age?
Broadly, you may likely belong to one of the following categories:
  1. Receiving income support from the Government.
Chances are that you are linked to Government funded employment services provider (jobactive, DES, Parents Next, Transition to Work, Career Transition Assistance), all funded to help you get working. But, perhaps you would like some additional, support, idea or connections?
Suggested action: Talk to your provider to see if they might fund your participation in our Careers Down Under live webinars, see the link at the bottom of this page for more information on content and timing.
  1. Private individual, possibly working, or maybe a graduate but looking for a career change or to win work in your field of study.
Our webinars are scheduled on weekends, especially for those who are working through the week, but want to improve career success. We will help to maximise your job search effectiveness.
Suggested action: Check out the detail and timing at the link at the bottom of the page.
  1. Skilled migrant or international graduate needing help to win work in your field of expertise.
We have helped more than two thousand of you and have to advise that there is little or no funding available to support you, even though you might be having tough times. Your investment in our live webinar series is a great place to improve momentum and effectiveness, so that you get some return on the investment you have made to migrate or study. For a free assessment of your jobsearch effectiveness, you are invited to complete the brief questionnaire at
Suggested action: Complete the questionnaire and consider the further detail on our Careers Down Under live webinar series at the bottom of this page.
  1. You have recent work history, but your role was made redundant or is about to be made redundant, and you are uncertain if you are doing all you can to get back to work.
Times are tough for sure, and you may need all the help you can get to keep looking above the horizon. It is a good time to be sure that you are being as effective as you can be.
Suggested action: Talk to your employer to find out if they would support you in getting assistance to the Careers Down Under live webinar series and possible some one-on-one support. If they won’t, you might consider making the investment yourself by checking out the details at the event link below.
Careers Down Under webinars: Improve your job search effectiveness! The next webinar is schedule to commence February 21st 2021.

Sid Ravindran

Business Analyst at Weber Barbecues Australia & New Zealand

Sid reported directly to Patrick

Patrick is a mentor, friend, and a guide to me. His insights and wisdom helped me in getting a job in Adelaide. I am extremely grateful to him.

Ninad Mokhariwale

Business Process Analyst at Wesfarmers Industrial and Safety

Ninad was a client of Patrick’s

I got in touch with Patrick a month before landing in Australia. He really knows the Australian job market inside out and coached me very well on what to expect and how to deal with the upcoming challenges. His techniques helped me and my wife land our first jobs – and that says a lot. I highly recommend him.