For Employment Service Providers

Our Founder and CEO, Patrick Comerford, has a management background in recruitment, Job Network, DES and jobactive dating back to the late ‘90’s.

He has led teams to improve performance from 2 Stars to 4.5 Stars in just two milestones. He has facilitated training to thousands of Jobseekers since the establishment of Catapult People in 2004.

Patrick is known for thinking ‘outside the box’, but some would say that he is renowned for driving actions so that ‘preparation meets opportunity’.

All of our activities involve his input and activity.

For Employment Service Providers, we prefer to have a discovery chat, then customise and propose a program for your Jobseekers to focus on your business needs and the needs of your Jobseekers, so please make contact.

Call Patrick on 0410 686 465 or email him at

But, you may consider our Careers Down Under live webinar series as suitable for some participants, especially those coming from a professional or technical background. Check out the details here for our next scheduled series.

Please also note that Patrick has experienced great success in training teams to improve their ‘sales effectiveness’, especially in the employment services context, so if you would like to see your Consultants or BD personnel develop new and proven techniques to get more people into jobs, give him a call.

Punita Parekh

Content Marketing,Integrating Content,Storyteller for Brands,B2B & B2C Campaigns,Event | IIM Calcutta

Punita was a client of Patrick’s

Patrick Comerford has been extremely amazing mentor, especially learning on how to make use of Linked in from him was a great learning experience. He is extremely insightful in his  own knowledge and skills, and a great mentor as well.

Som Banerjee

Customer Experience Change Consultant

Som was a client of Patrick’s

Patrick-my favourite Aussie! His patent dialog “I didn’t know what I didn’t know” makes sense when you put his ideas to practice. Got to spend time with him in person over coffee and drinks, multiple sessions over Skype, phone, e-mail and each interaction had some meaningful takeaway. What I love about him is his attitude–one can argue, debate and disagree with him and he participates equally without getting defensive. I like to believe that I have formed a certain bond with him and can reach out to him about anything and everything, anytime. If you are in Australia or intend to, I highly recommend to get in touch with Patrick. He will touch your life with an essence of positivity and confidence! And yes, have a lot of time in hand while you contact him, he loves to talk 😉 Patrick–best wishes! I will continue to bug you 🙂