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For a discovery conversation please call Patrick Comerford directly on 0410 686 465 or email

Akhil Palta

Sr. Manager Culture & Capability at SA Water

August 31, 2017, Akhil was a client of Patrick’s

I connected with Patrick while I was still overseas. He started introducing me to the Australian workplace and culture through his numerous Skype sessions. When I finally landed in Australia, he was able to open a whole new world of the Australian job market with his structured approach towards using Linkedin as an effective tool. He is a great mentor and a thorough professional who can guide and align robust job search strategies to individual needs. He spends a lot of time with each individual in understanding their requirements, aligning the requirements to job search strategies and implementing it all way till it succeeds. He is a ‘Think Tank’ who comes up with ideas and working models which are successful both in short term as well as long term. I still connect with him whenever I need guidance. “Thank You Patrick”, for all your mentoring and guidance.

Sid Jotley

Mechanical Designer at Acromat Pty Ltd

August 29, 2017, Patrick was a client of Sid’s

Patrick Comerford is an outstanding career counselor, advisor and employment supporter. His knowledge and expertise in career mapping, resume building and targeting advices are really unparalleled. I have recommended him to several of my friends who are living Australia and also who are about to migrate.